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Sunday, April 07, 2013
Out the window on the way to the coast

Today (Sunday) featured a cabin fever-inspired DASH TO THE COAST. A let's get out of here and go there be ready in 45 minutes kind of deal. It was excellent.

The photo above was taken through the window on the way out. (you can kind of see a reflection and there are raindrops on the glass.) I would have rolled the window down but it was too cold plus I keep picturing my phone/camera flying out the window.

Road's end
It was cold and windy with rain stabbing through the clouds at unpredictable interludes. (stab stab stab gust gust gust tiny needles of wind and water all up in your business.) We didn't stay long but it was definitely worth the drive despite the gusting and stabbing and whatnot. I mean, look at the view! Just being in front of it for a few cold minutes reduces cabin fever. 

Road's end

There was discussion of the failure of imagination of Paradise City (as a paradise OR as a city) as described by Guns N' Roses, but I think now that may be part of a different post tomorrow.

The grass is green and the girls are pretty.  

How is your April so far? 
2 comments on "cabin fever thought process"
  1. April? When? Oh! Gorgeous pictures of the coast, oh boy! April is insanely busy over here, but another week or two should knock that down to only insane. Or only busy. How is that New Thing that was on your horizon? Ship coming in or tsunami? Something good, I hope!

  2. Here's to only insane or only busy!

    The New Thing is best described as a slow boat from China. I *think* it will be good, if and when it ever arrives. In the meantime I'm pacing the shore with my binoculars!


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