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Monday, April 29, 2013
Scene from my front yard, Friday: I was out in the garden doing fiddly little stuff that always has to be done. It was sunny, beautiful, late morning/ early afternoon. I was listening to a podcast with earbuds IN.

What first got my attention was Busby the cat running toward the house the way he does whenever UPS rumbles down the street. I didn't hear the truck, but I did hear this whoop whoop noise so I took out an earbud to figure it out. It took me a minute but then I saw a guy on a bicycle riding in big loopy circles at my end of the street, wearing some cowboy-costume duds (not like real cowboy clothes, but basic 50s tv show cowboy cultural signifiers: the hat and the vest).  He was hollering YEE HAW! while expertly twirling a lasso so it went around the bike as he rode it. I think there was another guy filming him, but I don't know for sure.

It was so bizarre and unexpected and goofy and it sent a tickle right up the middle of my mind. A little joy disruption. (later on, I saw the top of the cowboy's head as he jumped on a trampoline. I think they might have been waiting for lawn mower noise to stop, but I'm not sure.)

ANYWAY - That was Friday and that was all, I thought. This morning I was listening to an old episode of Slate's Culture Gabfest and at the end someone endorsed  Girl Walk // All Day. I looked it up and the actions of the protagonist reminded me (in spirit) of the bicycle cowboy. I've only seen this chapter so far (it's part of a larger whole)  but it seems to express that same feeling of effervescence -  bubbles in the still water of an ordinary day.

and here's the trailer for the whole film:
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  1. "It was so bizarre and unexpected and goofy and it sent a tickle right up the middle of my mind." the way you put that.


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