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Thursday, April 18, 2013
PSU farmer's market

(the photos in this post are from the PSU farmer's market last week.)

I love this time of year. Winter is over, gardening is not just possible but pleasurable and it feels like there is real momentum for the rest of the year. I know the momentum part is just in my head, but really - isn't that where it needs to be for it to happen anywhere else? Maybe not. I bet runners feel momentum in their limbs. Well, whatever works. 

PSU farmer's market

(if you love kale or leeks NOW IS YOUR TIME!) 

My plan is for the momentum building in my mind to just spill out of my hands and feet and result in a lot of things done. It could happen. I know this may sound cheesy, but I think it's the garden that does it. I love how care and work translate to something I can measure with my eyeballs and I suppose a ruler if I really wanted to. (no duh breakthrough: chlorophyll not required! this is also true for any creative endeavor, although the measure is different and the results may not be so in your face as a plant that grows from seed or root to flowers in a short span. So if you would like some in your face results, consider planting something!) 

Delicious tarts at PSU farmer's market

(sweet or savory tarts! I had one with a lentil curry filling and it was good. She's also gluten free, which I didn't realize until I was half way through eating it. So get on that, gluten free people who are hungry for a sweet or savory tart.) 

Time to finish getting ready for work!  How do you like Spring? 
2 comments on "momentum in my mind"
  1. Mmmm, kale. You know how I like massaging it. I need to find that recipe again and make that salad. So good!

  2. It was good! Did you use it for any of your smoothies when you had your smoothie weekend? It seems to be a very popular ingredient...


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