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Friday, June 14, 2013
from cape perpetua

You guys, I am THE WORST this year with blog stuff.  My excuse is the usual excuse, which is life has been busy (good way) and when there has been a moment of not busy I've been staring into the middle distance and letting my brain knit itself back together (or rotting it completely - it's a matter of perspective I guess).

Case in point:  I just watched all of the only season of Scandal on netflix and I am pining away. Why isn't there more on netflix? Why is it 200000 years until the DVDs come out (september)? Why wasn't I watching it sooner? (answer: I burned out hard on Grey's Anatomy.) But this! This show is in the Revenge plot twist/ turn/ burn it all to the ground mode and I cannot get enough. But the first season is only 7 episodes! Sigh.

More soon - I've got to run as is the way of Summer 2013.

(photo above: the view from Cape Perpetua)
4 comments on "greetings blog, june, etc. "
  1. Scandal! Did I forget to mention how much I love that show? It zigs and zags and the second season is grrrrreat. I can't wait for the third season to start. I don't want the summer to fly by, but I am looking forward to September. Big.


    We finally found all of season two on Hulu Plus (which is free for one week, so we slammed it all in that amount of time.) LOVE IT. It is totally bananas - so bananas I think it could give Revenge a run for its bananas money. I think I may have to watch the whole thing again (perhaps more leisurely) before it comes back in the fall.

  3. It is completely bananas, but in a way that Revenge is not. Revenge always expands the web, the people involved, but Scandal keeps the focus on the main characters, for the most part, and they do the craziest s*** imaginable and I love it!

  4. Good point on the expanding web of REVENGE. (ha ha! Remember Nolan's "I don't know what they taught you in your Revenge graduate school, but..."

    Scandal has eclipsed Revenge for me, though. I don't know if it's because I watched it more or less all at once or what, but it's totally addictive, twisty as a corkscrew and I WANT MORE. Who is your favorite? (either favorite favorite or favorite to hate, and I realize those can slide back and forth pretty easily on this show where nobody has a moral high ground, really.) Mellie?? Cyrus?? QUINN (and her drill)?

    I also really love the casting on this show - it's really mixed age/race/sexuality and looks more like a well balanced reality than all of the 8 white guys, one sexy lady, somebody's wizened grandpa shows out there.


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