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Tuesday, July 10, 2012
oxeye daisies
I keep falling into the obvious trap of the internet - maybe you've seen it or even fallen into it yourself: "I'll post later." until suddenly the month is over and, well, you know.

So more pictures, since that's what I've got ready to go! These are from the beach in May - I have to post them now, because I'm getting ready to go again (pre-birthday)! These daisies are from right beside the bathrooms at the Devil's Churn. I think they're sweet.

delicate white flowers
I have no idea what this flower is - I even looked in a book but NO DICE. I will look more closely. [side note: trivia night has trained me out of saying "harder", as in "I'll look harder" because it just becomes an unintended (by me) joke and then I have to activate my personal dignity powers and pretend like I don't realize what I've just said or it becomes a 'that's what she said' non-hilarious hilarity party. The phrase I'm always reaching for = "more difficult."]

little daisies
More daisies! Love them.
Further unrelated news: Fresno Aunt left exactly a week ago, and exactly yesterday her son (I can't call him Fresno Cousin because he hates Fresno, but that's the relation) called up and said "I'm in town for work" or something like that - basically, he's on the couch for a few days. Which is fine! He's the easiest guest, for real. But it was still a no-warning kind of thing and I always get thrown off, somehow.
Like right now, I need to go see if the cat wants to come in. But the door is right by the couch! and I don't want to be loud. and the cat will want back out again in half an hour. Sigh.
Thimbleberry, in flower form! It's sort of blackberry like, sort of rose like. I think it's very pretty in a wild way.
Are you watching Bunheads? I like it! If you didn't like Gilmore Girls, it's probably not the show for you, but I enjoy Amy Sherman-Palladino's made up towns and fast-talking heroines very much.

Salal - so pretty! They look like little candies, waiting to be eaten. I think maybe you can eat these? but my policy on eating wildflowers is pretty much no, because what if I'm wrong? (writhing in agony and certain death, is what!)

4 comments on "hours, days, weeks, months, etc."
  1. Salal is indeed on the edible list, both ripe berries and leaves.

    1. ooh, thanks Heidi. Have you ever tried it? What does it taste like?

    2. I haven't tried it. I tried putting it in my edible landscaping but it died. Other things thrived. I read that it goes well with Oregon grape for a jelly.

    3. Due to your reassurance, I actually tried some salal berries when I was at the beach this past weekend. Not bad! I took some pictures - I'll try to get them up sometime in the near future.

      I've never tried Oregon grape, either. How is it?


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