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Friday, July 20, 2012
Don't you think clematis friday could be a thing? It sounds a little too much like clamato friday, probably.

These are from May - I'm still working my way towards the BEE PICTURES. Sigh. chipping away. I love how these look like they could be underwater creatures.

So pretty I can't stand it.

I am having a laptop problem. Something's gone hinky with the trackpad, and now if my wrist hits the case in just the wrong way, my cursor jumps up to another row and I end up typing in the middle of something else. THE WORST, especially if it takes a while to figure out where the cursor went. Blerg. I know it's not actually the worst, but it's a pain in the butt. I think I can do a thing that will make it better (it involves a folded up piece of paper and taking out the battery), so we'll see. I used an index card around the trackpad yesterday and that made it a lot better, but not 100%.  It's not new laptop time, but of course my brain really wants one. (My wallet says "tough it out, princess," but then my wallet is kind of an asshole sometimes.)

2 comments on "clematis friday"
  1. Ha. I totally thought your post was Clamato Friday. I'm half disappointed, half relieved. :)

    Give your wallet a little Clamato cocktail. Maybe that'll loosen it up. :)

  2. hee hee! I'm imagining what that would smell like after a couple of hours. This may be the best wallet austerity measure yet! "do you want it? Do you still want it if it means the inside of your bag will smell like old Clamato?"


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