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Wednesday, July 25, 2012
FIONAAAAA! I'm going to see her Thursday and I'm excited!

Other news, which on a certain level is less exciting, but on a toast level is equally or more exciting: I made jam today - Marionberry and a Marionberry/raspberry hybrid. DELICIOUS is what you need to know.
(things you may not need to know, but I want to tell you: messy - so messy. It looked like a sticky yet delicious crime scene.)

Since I can't give you toast and jam through the internet, I will give you what I can - Fiona videos!

I love this first one because a) I love the song b) it has an alligator c) an octopus d) it's like a bunch of spliced dream images e) dark but playful f) I could seriously run through the whole alphabet (I typed 'outfit' - wtf, jen?) so I will stop here with f for Fiona.

Second one: oh, this is so good! I love everything about it: the slow build; The Roots; that it was for Paul McCartney's birthday; Fiona giving it her all; everyone having a good time! It makes me have a good time weeks later and miles away.

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