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Thursday, July 12, 2012
Today was not a day for getting much done - but I did get my hair cut! It had been a YEAR. what can I say? My hair cutter gives really good, long-term haircuts. But in the last 6 weeks or so my hair shifted from the "enh, ponytail" length to the cut it cut it CUT IT stage - a hard stage to live with.  PLUS, I wanted it cut before my birthday, which is this weekend. It's ridiculous - I always drag my feet getting my ass in the hair cutting chair, but always feel 100% better after it's done. I don't get it.  Anyway, I love my new hair.

I'm going to be sorry tomorrow morning when there's 300 things to do and only an hour to do them. I'm going to the beach  (can't wait!) but keep thinking of things I should do before leaving - like take out the compost, which cascades into more stuff to do (like turn the compost). Sigh. I should just go to bed. It will all work itself out! Fun will be had! (at the beach.) Dirt will be made! (in the compost bin.)
4 comments on "the one and only item marked off my list"
  1. 1) An early happy birthday!

    2) I am fixated on this picture of the blue handled water spicket. What does it have to do with the post? Are water spickets involved with composting? Is your beach self-made? Is this some symbolic representation of the way you feel sans CUT IT hair?

    3) No, don't tell me! Let's keep the mystery and the fixation!

    1. hee heeeeeee! This made me laugh and laugh. I was going to tell you about the blue handled water spicket, but mysteries in this life are important so I will leave it be.

  2. I hope the beach was as beachy as you hoped it would be! Happiest of birthday weekend wishes for you!

    1. Thank you! It was THE BEACHIEST! Did you know that Cannon Beach has a top-notch independent bookstore? It's awesome. The beach is nice too, but you already know about that.


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