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Wednesday, October 08, 2014
noble plaster chicken

TONIGHT'S FULL MOON: five stars. I feel like I could probably read by its light,  which means it's of a particularly fine quality. Bonus four stars: total lunar eclipse. (sorry) (ha ha ha!) I plan on being asleep when the eclipse comes, but I bet it will be amazing. (moon, next time think about falling in the earth's shadow sometime before I need to be in bed.)

STREET SWEEPER: four stars. Good work keeping ahead of autumn debris, street sweepers! I also like the sound they make. I got so mad last summer when I'd think I heard the street sweeper, but it was just that guy riding his lawn mower down the street.

COYOTE I SAW ON THE WAY TO RETURNING BOOKS AFTER MIDNIGHT TO THE LIBRARY:  three point five stars. Full stars for the majesty of nature and the undeniable pleasure of seeing something wild with a big fluffy tail crossing the city street like she owned it, but then this coyote was probably eating people's cats and chickens for which I must deduct.

MIX CDS: five stars.  I hadn't made one in ages but when the radio news got too grim and my sister was having to drive a lot for work, I got busy! The beauty of these is I did not have time to fuss too much. Too much fussing is always my downfall. I pick a random theme and GO FOR IT and it has been fun. I bought a little external drive for my laptop (since it does not have a disc drive) and it works like a champ.

SLEEPING: all of the stars! I think sleeping is greatly underrated and I'm going to go do it right now.

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  1. T. saw a cop standing over the body of a big, very healthy-looking coyote--assumed, though that big healthy beast was dead.


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