portent or merely weather?

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Sunday, August 17, 2008
There's a full moon surrounded by clouds and huge flashes of lightning out my window. At first I thought it was some jackass on the next street with a floodlight (because THAT'S so sensible), but no -- it's honest to god lightning.

It's not the jagged heavy metal tattoo kind of lightning, but rather the big flash sheet of horror movie lightning, where suddenly you can see that the zombies are almost upon you. Very exciting! (but I might have just scared myself out of sleep. Way to go, Jen!) Oh, great! now here comes the thunder and the moon has gone half way behind a black cloud like we're in Transylvania looking up at the castle. All that's required now is for the alleged neighborhood coyotes to start howling and I'll never sleep again!

I get it moon, you're versatile (and kind of a drama queen) -- last month show tunes, this month horror films. I'm almost (but not quite) afraid to see what September brings.
7 comments on "portent or merely weather?"
  1. I don't think that we had the same weather that you were blessed/cursed with this morning but I suppose I could have slept through it? I am happy that you wrote about it though as I love reading your comments/rants/musings on a Sunday morning.

  2. Maybe you slept through it, or maybe I'm crazy -- although I went to the beach today (for just the day) and the lightning followed me there, too! (this is meant to be evidence that I am not crazy, in case it wasn't clear.)

  3. We had limited power, including telephones, at work today from 8am until about 1:45pm. We should have had the option of leaving after a couple of hours. This outage happend because of the thunder and lightning in the NE Portland area today. It was crazy when it happend and then, as usual, I got bored of the whole thing.

  4. HOLY MOLEY there was some crazy thunder and lightning here this morning. It knocked the power off at home (briefly), but not for long. Are you going to make a special power-outage anti-boredom kit in case it happens again? With like astronaut icecream and puzzle books and magazines (and a flashlight)?

  5. I did not think about assembling a kit. And now that I have thought about it I think I shall pass.

  6. Is it okay if I make one for you for christmas? I think there would probably have to be some kind of hello kitty first aid kit and stuff like that.

  7. I think that sounds great! I love Hello Kitty so very much


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