Brutal Beauty

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Friday, February 25, 2011
Woooo! Looks like there is a documentary (just came out) called Brutal Beauty about Roller Derby in general and the Rose City Rollers in particular. I haven't been to a bout in a while, but it is SUPER FUN and I recommend it if you're looking to holler, cheer, listen to arena anthems, possibly get beer spilt on you, and leave the arena feeling like you could lift a car. (also top notch people watching!)

4 comments on "Brutal Beauty"
  1. My sister has been wanting to go to a Roller Derby "show" so this might just be the inspiration I need to say Yes!

  2. I thought so too, Patty! Netflix and the Library should both be getting copies soon, I would imagine.

    Daniel, you've got to go! Just listen to a lot of Joan Jett on the way over and you'll be set! (Pro-tip: the 'shows' are called bouts and if you don't want to have to get up 10000000 times to let people carrying open containers skooch past you, don't sit right on the aisle.)

  3. I am going through a serious bout of Roller Derby? I like the sound of that.


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