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Sunday, February 06, 2011
pine drop
I uploaded some pictures this afternoon, and these two remind me most of the weather right now. It's dirty and wet, green and brown. Actually pretty typical for winter in the pacific northwest. This top one is a little blurry, but I decided in the interests of not driving myself completely crazy, I don't care.

pink purple

I love these colors! The purplish pink, the green, the little touch of golden orange and brown against the grey, the flash of bright green at the top. LOVE THEM.

Some things I did this week:

•got dressed up for work. I've been wearing jeans for a long time and I wanted to wear a skirt, so one day I did. My outfit was super cute (in case you were worried), but holy crap I had forgotten how many layers are actually involved when a skirt is deployed under 50 degrees. I question the wisdom of wearing a new bra that kept jabbing me in tender places, but other than that I think it's an experiment I will replicate at some point.

•witnessed my written record. Boxes and boxes of old journals and letters and notes from years past erupted from the basement. I forgot that I even KEPT a journal (notebooks) for many of these years. I didn't give a thorough reading because this was a consolidating boxes kind of job rather than an examination, but I read enough to be amused and a bit concerned that my journal writing style has changed so little! The journal I keep now is a program on my computer rather than a notebook, but still.

In the aforementioned Pile of Papers from my Past, I found what remains of my Duran Duran poster motherlode. Hee hee hee! It made me laugh and feel light and happy just looking at it - funny how that goes. For all the doubters and those who said they'd never last, may I remind you that they are STILL TOGETHER.  I also found so many notes and letters from friends at school, and many letters from my dad. He was a great letter writer! He would have been a great blogger, actually. The one I read started out with a description of things around home (my sister and I were both away at school), details about what trouble the cat had gotten into, etc. and then it veered off into a long explanation about what was wrong with the H. Rider Haggard book he was reading, a general history of Haggard, and then something about Queen Victoria. Oh, and some swearing! He would have loved the idea of smuggling swears into a place where they were rarely (and never legally) uttered.

Another surprise was a folder full of drawings that I don't remember making, but looking at them I know I did them. They're not great, but they're not terrible either. I just got the new Lynda Barry drawing book from the library, so maybe I'll get a pad of paper and a pen out and mess around. WHO KNOWS?
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