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Tuesday, February 22, 2011
The moon is shining (reflecting?) right out my window - currently [checks moon widget] 78% full and waning gibbous. Just a moment ago it had some spooky cloud action going on, but now it's shining bright and alone in a black sky. Let's make that a very dark blue sky - it looks black, but I know it's really that slick and tricky darkest blue found in mismatched socks the world over.

We are finally (allegedly) going to have some winter weather - there's supposed to be snow on the valley floor by Wednesday!

(cloud update: they are back, and now my moon looks like it's outside of Dracula/Frankenstein/ Any Classic Monster's castle. Why do monsters live in castles?  I just need some bats and maybe a wolf howling. Let me turn on some music and see.. Oh, wait! I know this moon play by play is pretty ridiculous, but the cloud has swallowed the moon ENTIRELY. It's gone! It's back! There are slow moving spooky clouds intermittently obscuring the moon, which is very white if I didn't mention that before. In my mind, Walter Cronkite and Howard Cosell are taking turns giving commentary. GONE. Like it never was there. This is some kind of crazy mind-trip. I should probably go to bed.)
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