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Tuesday, February 08, 2011
columbia river
Saturday morning they called me early to ask if I could work. I was still asleep when the phone rang (long night of broken sleep) and was unable to disguise it which makes me crazy. I wish there was a pill I could take or an exercise I could do to sound instantly, perkily awake. (I suppose I could keep a bucket of ice around and dump it on my head, but that seems like too much planning, too much work.) ANYWAY  - long story not much shorter, I didn't go to work on Saturday, but I decided that since I didn't I should have an adventure instead.

columbia river
I rousted the usual suspects and after much dithering, we decided on the river. Rooster Rock is one of the first places we landed - I'd never been there before! As you can see, the river was a good choice.

columbia river
It was foggy and atmospheric. There was hardly anyone else there.

In the summer, all of the many parking lots are full, full, FULL - but not today.  There are alleyways of trees between all the asphalt. I'm sure they're lovely in the summer, but differently from how they're lovely in the winter.

columbia river
I walked down one million steep steps to get to this. As always with one million steep steps, it was fine on the way down. I wanted a helicopter for the return, but I had to climb back up instead.

I am 100% bananas for the colors in this photo - the little bit of orange, the blue, the wet wood.

I think the tide was in.

columbia river
Here's more. I didn't see too many birds, but that was probably due to my lack of stealthiness. ("How many freaking stairs are there, anyway?" and "oooh, look at that! No, THAT!" etc.)

columbia river
I love the fog on the water. I know it's just a thing that happens all the time, but I have to tell you in all the times I've seen the Columbia river ( a lot of times!) I've never seen it look quite like this.
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