things I'd like to do in February

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Monday, January 31, 2011
How to Grow

1) figure out a kitchen compost system
2) start sweet peas and appropriate beans indoors (although it's warm enough I could probably plant directly outside.)
3) finish sunburst afghan - I figure I'm only about 1/2 way done, but if I really put my mind to it, I should be able to finish.
4) begin craft supply/ fabric reckoning. It will be a biblical banishment type reckoning. (a Go Forth to Goodwill and NEVER RETURN, kind of thing. I will point my finger and wear a robe and all that jazz.)
5) stay on top of things so there's always something to do, but not so much that I get completely overwhelmed. (ha ha ha! just reading this makes me sort of hysterical.)
6) Write up all books I read in 2010.
7) go to the movies at least twice.
8) Read.
9) figure out writing scheme like my walking scheme. It's within reach! I just have to figure it out.
10) make something I've never made before. This could be sewing or cooking or baking or whatever.

I'm sure I'll come up with a much better list for tomorrow, but this is today's list. Do you have any plans for february?
2 comments on "things I'd like to do in February"
  1. Like your list. Though it would overwhelm me! I realized yesterday that I never did make any 2011 resolutions. Ah, well. I could get all philosophical about how that gets me off the hook--but all the stuff that I might have written down is still simply waiting in the wings of my so-called mind--to prod me, you know?

    I like your system better. Each month plan for next month? Hey, I might actually achieve some of the stuff I usually only generalize about.

    I esp. like the "see two movies" one. Which movies?

  2. It's not a system! It's just something I thought of last night. Right now I seem to do better at hitting short-term concrete goals, so that's what I'm going for. (Plus my overarching 2011 goal is DO IT NOW, so I guess this is an extension of that, kinda.)

    You know what's funny? "see two movies" and "go to the movies at least twice" would never occur to me to be the same thing. Lost in Translation! That being said, I do take your meaning. I don't know which ones, but it seems like this is a good time of year to go.


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