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Sunday, January 09, 2011
super NU

John Roderick on The Pink Moon Problem : Discovering things for the first time can still be the source of great pleasure, even when everyone else in the world has already heard it.  
(I love that feeling of discovery and I was just talking with a friend about finding things on an individual timetable instead of always chasing after the latest fresh thing, but this says it all so much better.) 

Kate Beaton and Nancy Drew,  together again. (takeaway: if Nancy has a shovel, look out.) 

fashion from old people  - I love this! She does illustrations from vintage/antique garments and puts them on a character and in motion. So much fun! 

Bangable Dudes in History  - yeah, that's right! As soon as I heard about this blog, I had to rush through the entries to see if the hottest founding father, aka my historical crush was on the list. Oh, yes he is.  NUMBER ONE.  Someone was just giving me a bad time about this at trivia. "Alexander Hamilton? Isn't he the one you have a crush on?" which sounds fine if a little crazy when it's coming from someone you know pretty well, but when the rest of the table hears and looks at you like you're a lunatic... Oh, fine. I'm a not-so-secret lunatic. But I'm not the only one! p.s. young Stalin was  hot. 

Jane Eyre vs. Villette: I've only read about 1/3 of Villette, and that was years ago. This post makes me want to try again! (Also, I'm almost done with Jane Eyre, but I have to finish this book group book first, which is bumming me out. I think things are about to get super crazy in JE, but I'm reading about making pigment from walnuts.)  Also, The Hairpin  in general is one of my favorite new sites. It is delightful and hilarious. 

2 comments on "super link saturday"
  1. I love JE...I am glad you're reading it. There are a few good movie versions too. I think the Hitchcock one is still my favorite, though.

  2. Ooh - there's a new movie coming out this year that really plays up the gothic angle. It was one of the things which encouraged me to read it now!


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