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Thursday, January 06, 2011
busby loves quilting

Today was the day I got all the blocks done on my new quilt -  an all-time speed record for me! Tonight after dinner I went out to get what I needed to finish: backing fabric, batting, thread, and safety pins. I'm going to try machine quilting it, which I never do. Never! (well, I did once and not since then.)  !!! I'm excited. I hope it doesn't make me cry or spit nails or pull the whole thing apart She-Hulk style. (fingers crossed!) I might even get it done this weekend. I'm already plotting the next quilt.  

I don't yet have any pictures of Busby helping me make this one (although he's been as helpful as ever), but the photo at the top showcases his assistance on last year's quilt - he was helping me remove the plastic wrapper from the ruler, and also protecting the fabric from the deadly rotary cutter.

busby loves quilting

Busby's help this year is mostly in the form of helping me lay out the blocks to determine placement. Here's how it goes: I put them out one by one on the carpet, and he waits until there's a good row or two. Then he sits in the middle of them and starts behaving like a dragon guarding a hoard of gold. If I attempt to move any blocks already in place, he will slap at my hand with his razor sharp claws.  He would breathe fire if only he could breathe fire. This isn't the limit of his participation, however. He also likes to chew on thread, be the rotary cutter inspector, and walk back and forth in front of me until I have to quit what I'm doing. I'm sure it's just to make sure I get OSHA mandated work-breaks. 

I just realized I've not taken any pictures at all so far in the new year. That's weird. I'll have to get on that… 

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  1. Choose your stitch wisely grasshopper. A straight stitch gone astray is quite obvious, while a serpentine stitch gone astray still looks like a serpentine stitch. Regardless., take your time and remember to breathe. Too many of of hold our breath when machine sewing, which causes fatigue. Get in rhythm with the machine. All three of you will be purring together.

  2. Busby and quilting pictures slay me! Oh that big furry kitty. So much help! Sometimes I wonder how I get any quilting done at all, with all the help I get.

    Look at you completely rock the Do It Now! Hurray!

  3. Such good tips, thank you Carol. I was already planning on a wiggly stitch for the very reason you mention! ;-) Busby and I thank you!

    Maggie - hee hee! Who knew cats were such exacting sewing assistants? (answer: anyone who sews with a cat in the house.) I'm experimenting with the Do It Now, and so far, so good. Yay!

  4. Busby's curly belly fur cracks me up. He looks like he's part sheep. how did I never notice that before?

  5. I wager he'll let you see next time you visit. It does the same thing on the back of his legs - it's like crazy furry chaps and it makes me laugh every time I notice. It's like that all year long, but definitely more prominent in the wintertime.


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