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Friday, January 28, 2011
My fingernails are currently a color listed on the bottle as "clear skies", only they don't look ANYTHING like clear skies. If the skies were this color, it could only be the still light blue part of a tropical sunset, which usually means clouds. So, nail polish company -- kudos on the awesome color, but it's more of a "teal play-doh" than "clear skies."  (I look forward to my invitation to be chief color namer at your company! I think we can give OPI a run for their money.)

Update on walking:  so far (up to day 4) I haven't had to skip. Although today I did cut it short because I have blisters (argh), and I found myself in the early stages of a minor freak out. There are so many people at the park from when I used to walk all the time. I feel obliged to be friendly and wave or stop if they start talking to me (I always have to pull out my earbuds and ask them to repeat whatever it was they said, which is a drag), and I  realized that I don't want to do that. Or at least I didn't want to do it today. I just wanted to walk and think my thoughts and do my thing. No chit chat! I like it best when it's raining really hard and no one else is there. As I was walking home counting my blisters I thought about it more - this kind of thing might slightly annoy me under normal circumstances, but wouldn't cause me to freak out like I did. What's the deal, Jen?  Then I had a sad, pathetic lightbulb moment: I'm still working with my guilty feelings and embarrassment. I can't walk as fast or as far because I'm out of shape; I'm heavier than when I was a regular - seeing all those people from before makes me feel guilty, which is just ridiculous. It's not their fault! And frankly, who cares?  Most people are too wound up in their own stuff to think much about mine. Now that I've got that sorted (or at least identified), I hope it will be easier to keep on keeping on.
3 comments on "code name "clear skies""
  1. Knowing is way more than half the battle. Go get 'em!

    Also: BLUE!!!

  2. I am impressed! Yay, for you: walking.


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