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Tuesday, January 18, 2011
solstice light

Tonight is the full moon! I can't see it because there's a bunch of clouds between me and above the clouds, which is where the moon, stars, planets, milky way, superman, super grover, wormholes, black holes ( a lot of holes in space!), satellites, moonbeams, starlight, ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars,  space hospitals specifically for space madness, space camp (the real one! not the one where you jump on a terrestrial trampoline and squeal PIGS IN SPAAAAACE, although I imagine that one's pretty fun), Pluto - even though it's not a planet anymore, Neverland, etc. all are. I'm here, they're there. It's okay, it's just been one of those crabby neverending rain winter blahs random bouts of insecurity kind of days. What is up with those days? Anyway - I looked at my google page and saw that my moon widget (I love my moon widget) said 100% FULL, which somehow made me feel better. Go figure!

The photo at the top is from the winter solstice - I was working at Belmont, which is near Laurelhurst park. I went to the park on my lunch break (which was from 4-5 cuz I was working late) and took this picture right as it got dark enough for the lights to come on. I like it, and since I can't see the moon the lamp will do.
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