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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
I activated my Walking Plan today. (note to self: need catchier name.)  It's been in the works for a while, but sometimes (most times) I have to work things out in my head first. Basically the plan comes down to this: for 21 days from the first day (TODAY), I have to get outside and walk every single day. On days I'm working, it can be shorter, but I still have to do it. I even built in two days where I can skip without guilt if it's absolutely necessary, but my hope is that I can get through it without using either of them. I used to walk almost every day without fail - not only did my jeans fit better, but I felt better all around.  The 21 days part is just to get myself accustomed to doing it again - once I get going I want to do it so here's hoping it goes to plan.

THINGS I LEARNED while out on my walk today:

1) I will have to re-toughen my feet!

2) I need to freshen my ipod, make new playlist, something something something. I've got a lot of great music, I just need to get it where I can get to it.

3) I missed seeing the dogs! Now I don't have to miss seeing them anymore.

4) The Garden Gnome ran by me today and it was fine, not weird. It was weird for a while when I'd see him in the library for two reasons: one was because I don't like people to know more about me than I tell them, and two because I felt so guilty about not walking.  Now neither one are an issue since he knows what he knows (which isn't much) and I'm not not walking anymore.

5) Crows, man. There was a whole flock, no wait - MURDER - of crows at the park today. They were hanging around the horseshoe pit like a gang of surly bad seed teens, but flew up into a tree when I walked by (squawking all the while).

6) the crocus are starting to come through the mud - just the leaves so far, but the purple won't be far behind. Camellias are also getting ready. Woo!
6 comments on "plan activation"
  1. Awesome! Yay!

    Except I'm picturing a garden gnome with tall red hat and wheelbarrow running past you. Hmmmm.

  2. I need to/should start walking as well, and if we lived closer it would be amazing to do it together, but since that isn't the way it is I think you will be my friend "in my head" while I am walking and we can have all sorts of disjointed conversations while we walk!

  3. Hee hee, Maggie! He looks pretty much like that but no wheelbarrow! Maybe he runs with the wheelbarrow on his street but not at the park...

    Daniel, I will totally be having disjointed in my head conversations with you from here on out! It would be super fun if there was a short tunnel from SE to NE so we could walk together. There's all those tunnels downtown, maybe there's one where we need it...

  4. The crows told me not to leave my name, but I bet you can guess. As I recall, you won the Battle of Wits!

  5. A secret tunnel would be, you know, the absolute limit. I would love it!
    I will start the walking as it is doctor "suggested", and I will have many fun conversations with you.


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