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Tuesday, January 11, 2011
I know! It's not Christmas anymore  - good king Wenceslas is hibernating in a cave full of christmas trees or something. And it's not even snowing or snowy here in Portland. But cool and crisp and even is the phrase that came to mind when I left work at 8pm. The sky was clear; the moon, waxing crescent, was high in the sky and it looked like a WINK.  I know it sounds crazy. The houses on the street still had their Christmas lights up and on, and sky was that inky blue color that comes during the long winter nights when it's not raining. Later, I dragged the garbage can up to the curb and there was the moon again - already sinking, but closer, bigger, and warmer like a smile.  (note: pdx sky was flirting with anyone looking up tonight! I read it in the almanac.)

The wind is blowing hard, sharp, and cold as I type. I think it's going to snow tomorrow! I'm all for it since I'm not scheduled to work and have supplies to make a lot of sandwiches if it comes to it.  Maybe I'll finish quilting my quilt and watching season 4 of Big Love. (seriously! what is with that show? "I know what I'll do - I have 3 wives, one of whom my teenaged son is in love with, a business,  a casino, problems back at the polygamist compound... I should run for public office!"  I have thoughts.)
Snow! (I'm hoping, not forecasting.)
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