lies of omission to my former nemesis

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011
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See, it started off pretty simple - I used to have a work nemesis. Now I don't, mostly because I don't get enough juice out of having a nemesis (I can see how it works for some people) to justify the energy expenditure in maintaining one. (But it sounds so cool! Narrowed eyes, hissing "my nemesis," when people ask who you're narrowing your eyes at...) Once I realized that the only reason she was my nemesis was because I was jealous, I couldn't do it anymore. There should be a better reason! (I was jealous because she was hired after me and got a permanent job right away, while I still labor in the On Call salt mines.) ANYWAY. I'm over all that now.  It's not like we're best pals or anything, but she's pretty loopy and I enjoy talking to her.

Today's misunderstanding came about when she said that she was talking to a patron "about our age," which is hilarious because I've got to be at least 15 years older than she is. (10 at the very least.) I don't think it was some ham handed attempt to flatter me, because she's a very blurty thinks it/says it kind of person. (example, to patron: "why are you wearing those rubber gloves?" a question I'd never ask in 10000 years because the answer could be anything from "severe OCD, thanks for asking" or "I've been treating the chickens for mad chicken disease" or etc. etc. you get the picture.) ANYWAY. Maybe the real answer is that she's a lot older than she looks, like a vampire or a creature who sleeps for 100 years and then is awake for a year, or maybe she simply meant an age greater than 10 and less than 80, in which case we are totally the same age.

The point of the story (if it has one! I can't even tell. I've got to start these posts earlier in the day) is that I didn't correct her even though it would have been relatively easy to say "but I'm ages older than you are!" but then I think it once again becomes about me and my insecurities, so maybe it's just as well I said nothing on that particular subject.

In related news, I thought for a minute that I had a new work nemesis lined up, but it turns out that the person is fine apart from an appalling work ethic.
2 comments on "lies of omission to my former nemesis"
  1. Giggle. Well, if that is the worst you can say about him or her...

  2. ha! I could probably come up with worse, but it would take too much effort.


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