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Tuesday, January 11, 2011
#1 flower pot

one eleven eleven! 1/11/11!! (or, translated into what I originally typed: !/!!/!! !!!!)

I was hoping for snow today, but it didn't really happen. Some frozen rain and random coldness and wind. It's the wind that's blowing the cold air right on through.  20 degrees warmer tomorrow! It seems unfair - so many places have too much snow, I'd gladly take some.  Time to get back to work on my weather machine.

Today I did pretty much what I said I'd do if it snowed - I watched the rest of Big Love season 4* and finished quilting my quilt.  All that's left to do for it is put on the binding, which I'll do tomorrow.  Wooo! I can tell you that this is the fastest I've ever finished one and it feels pretty good. I'll take pictures soon.  I would have taken pictures of it in the snow, if only.

Oooh! I'm going to try this newly discovered cut tag thingy for some bellyaching. (EDIT: I think maybe it doesn't work with my browser? Anyway - Imagine a READ MORE part here...)

 In other today news (I just deleted a very earnest recreation of a phone call) I said no to my boss which always makes me a little antsy.  He asked if I could work at a branch across town, today. It was well within reason for me to decline, but I still feel guilty. TOO MUCH GUILT OVER NOTHING. This is one of my perpetual problems. But then I think if I felt no guilt about anything, would I be a sociopath? ha! I know - there must be a happy medium. I'm probably living right in the middle of happy medium, but I'm too blind to see it. Anyway - the crux of my worry: I don't like same day calls for work unless it's the one place I work the most that is also very near my house. Day before? no problem! Morning of? gnargh.  x15 if there's bad weather involved. But I feel like I should do it every time they ask. It's hard for me to say no even when I know I should.  (I wrecked a car in the ice once. Have I mentioned that before? Ice and roads are two things that should stay apart, I don't care if they only get to see each other twice a year.)

Back from my imaginary cut tag.

More tomorrow! I'm thinking it might finally be time for some book posts or maybe a "things that would be awesome to do in 2011" list.  Who knows what the weather will bring.

*My favorite part might have been when Lois chopped off Hollis Green's arm with a machete. (it makes sense in context, sort of.) Lois is badass but still so vulnerable.
3 comments on "all ones"
  1. When I saw "all ones" I thought of something else, but I shan't go into that.
    I understand about the guilt impulse, and it is a tough one to deal with, especially when I give into it and end up getting super irritated towards the person that I said yes to. Makes no sense but I blame my guilt issues on having catholicism dropped on me at an early age. Someone/thing has to be blamed, right?

  2. Yes! It makes sense to me. Maybe I was a secret catholic baby (my mother doesn't even know!) and this guilt is my legacy. hmmm...

  3. Being a secret catholic baby reminds me of Rosemary's Baby for some reason...


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