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Sunday, January 23, 2011
flower embroidery

I'm having Small World Syndrome in the most boring, literal way. I've been sticking fairly close to home, not going anywhere but work and the fabric store. I've had a lot of inside projects going so it made sense at the time, but I feel myself growing more resistant to doing anything else. This is bad! I have to move my feet before they grow to the ground or engage in some other homebound metaphor!

Part of it is a reaction to the weather - easier to stay inside and watch movies and sew or read, right? (the answer is: right.) And I've gotten a lot of things done, which makes me happy. But I've hit the point where it's just about to tip over into cabin fever, which is no good at all. Fortunately, this malady is treatable by opening the door and walking out.

There's some work stuff going on too, but I'm still sifting through it in my head. Nothing bad! But there's change with the potential of more change on the horizon. Transitions can be tough, but I'm trying to take the wider view. In some things (like this thing) I tend to fixate on how I must've done it wrong rather than the possibility that it will all work out as it should. I don't even know how it "should" and I think that's what freaks me out. I'm not quite sure what I want, or how many stages I'm willing to take to get there. SUNDAY CONUNDRUMS.

(photo: is of a completely unrelated to anything vintage embroidered tablecloth.)
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