foggy but timely

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011
foggy morning
Get this! I'm actually writing this before 1AM. I'm so proud.

GET THIS X2: I took these pictures THIS MORNING. Holy hell. Next thing you know I will have all my work done ahead of time. I will get so far ahead I'll have to travel back in time in order to ... do something! something something! (it made sense in my head before I started typing. I call time travel shenanigans.)

foggy morning
I included this picture so you could see the green and also see that it's not that I fiddled with some settings to remove the color from all the other pictures - that's just the way it was. Nature's own black and white ye olde tyme no-color vision. It was beautiful.

foggy morning
This is looking directly at the sun. Can you see it?

foggy morning
Then after a bit the sun started to break up the fog for real and it became a blue sky beautiful sort of day.

And now I'm off to trivia! I may do another post (videos) when I get back. Who knows what will happen in this mixed up ahead of time day?
1 comment on "foggy but timely"
  1. I love the fog! Last night we were out in Tigard I think at an outside mall that had lights in the trees and all that jazz and with the fog rolling in it was quite, ugh, charming. Fog adds a certain something, or subtracts perhaps...


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