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Monday, January 10, 2011
beach sunset mosaic

I keep not leaving myself enough time to write a proper post - maybe I'll start tomorrow's right after I finish this one. (It could happen!) Anyway - this mosaic is made up of photos I took from the upstairs/downstairs windows of the beach house we rented in October for my sister's birthday. The view: not too shabby! The seagulls: Barnaby and Cornelius.

Unrelated to the beach, but definitely related to Upstairs/Downstairs: Are you watching Downton Abbey? It's like a 6 hour Gosford Park! (I think that's a good thing, even though there's no Clive Owen, who would make it an even better thing.) ANYWAY. Maggie Smith! That Guy who is in all those period dramas! (He's really good!) That other guy you recognize! Penelope Wilton, aka Doctor Who's Harriet Jones! Costumes! Intrigue! Idiocy in the aristocracy and great competence below stairs! The Reverse!!! Gossip! THOSE DRESSES!!!
Seriously, though - I love seeing how those big houses operated. So much work to be done, so much interdependency between the servants and the masters.  I'll admit it's sometimes hard for me to wrap my mind around how stratified and codified society was, which is dumb because it still happens now, only less overtly.  Or maybe it's equally overt, just moved to a different milieu. Or maybe it's exactly the same! I don't really think this, but it's not like I'm having tea with the Dowager Countess of Grantham so I don't know.
2 comments on "sunset mosaic and exclamation point TV"
  1. Your beach pics are awesome. Where did you guys rent the house? I've been thinking I'd like to rent one when it gets nicer. I'm also itching to go on a non-work trip!

  2. Lincoln City! We found a rental company online that was having a half off special (although I suspect they have one all off season) - it was a sweet/ swanky deal! 2 kitchens, mega views, 2 fireplaces, 2 baths, 3 bedrooms (plus lots of futon/ extra sleeping, which we didn't need). They also had a pool table/ping pong table, but we didn't use it. THIS TIME.

    in a lot of ways, this was a perfect bad weather beach house - so many windows (and resident seagulls) that it felt like we were OUTSIDE even though we were inside reading.


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