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Saturday, January 22, 2011
christmas at the grotto

I'm going to go to bed and read - I'm sorry I don't have a more substantial post for tonight, but some nights are like that. I hope to have more soon. (I think if I did one of those wordle clouds for this blog, MORE and SOON would be enormous.)

ANYWAY. Before I go to bed to read*, I will say that the photo at top is from The Grotto at Christmastime. I'll have more of these pictures later. I was having a fine old time by the end.

* I'm reading Running the Books right now - it's due day after tomorrow and blah blah blah. After I finished Jane E, and another book I read for bookgroup, I just wanted to read one of the quick novels I have piled up around here. I even literally said "I want to read a novel!", but then I saw that this was due and I probably wouldn't be able to get it again for 6 months, so I opened it up and it started pretty strong, etc. etc. etc. But I swear, novel next! Anyone have a recommendation? Read anything novel-y lately that you think I'd like? I can't promise I'll read it next, but I would add it to my list.
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  1. Yes! I am still reading it, but I am currently completely obsessed with Amy Greene's Bloodroot. It is sad and beautiful and I can tell it is going to become one of my favorites, even now.

  2. Ooh! that one looks good. I've added it to my goodreads - thank you! There's a waiting list at the lib and I'm out of holds, but I'll put it on there as soon as I have space.

    I love that "book, I love you" feeling - it's a special kind of joy.

  3. I really did enjoy Freedom, even though it was highly praised and on so many "best of" lists and an Oprah selection.

  4. Freedom is definitely on my list! I'm #1 in line at the library, but I've got it frozen. I'm waiting until I have enough attention span for it, which might be a dumb thing to wait for. I should just release it, and DEAL WITH IT.

    As for the other stuff (Oprah, "best of list", highly praised) - none of that is a turn off at all if a reader I trust says it's good! (why I should care if it's popular is a whole 'nother can of worms.)


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