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Saturday, January 15, 2011
kathy's fabric stash

For tomorrow:

1) finish quilt  - all I have to do is stitch the binding on. 1/2 by machine, 1/2 by hand - it's going to rain for a million years tomorrow (it's one of those mysteries of time things) so I should be able to watch a movie (2 movies) and get it done.

2) finish Jane Eyre - so I can talk about it in terms other than "I need to finish this book!" or "It's so good!" or "Everyone is whackadoodle!" 

3) laundry - Party in the USA, y'all! 


photo at top is of my friend Blondie's fabric stash a couple of years ago. Since then, she's moved her sewing studio into the master bedroom and herself into the guest room.  But look how organized! If I did that it wouldn't last more than a week - but I find it inspiring nevertheless. I need a little more order so I can get a little more creative. That sounds counterintuitive, but it makes perfect sense to my current state of mind. 
5 comments on "action items"
  1. That fabric stash made me say Whoa in tones of awe! It's true. I'm not sure I could ever aspire to that kind of organization. Plus I'd worry about the edges fading, wouldn't you?

    So gorgeous!

    Your plans sound terrific! I have plans to sew baby Ryan's quilt strips together, if the machine behaves, which it might not. Come on, machine!

  2. I know! It made me say Whoa in tones of awe too!

    I don't think edge fading is an issue because The Stash is in a constant state of use. Things come down, are considered get used or refolded and returned. If something did fade, I'm sure she would find a way to make it a feature - she's always bleaching or overdying or whatever. She's amazing. My aspirations for fabric organization are much more modest - I'd like to be able to get to it without having to move a bunch of bags filled with half-done projects.

    Yay for baby Ryan's quilt! What does it look like? I hope your machine gets its act together. Get it together, machine!

  3. I would like to have ANYTHING in my life this organized, let alone my non-existent fabric stash!

  4. Would love to see some of Blondy's current works, sigh. I admire her stash so much! Lovely lovely.


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