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Monday, January 17, 2011
I finished the quilt! I bought the fabric just after Christmas and finished it 2.5 weeks later, which is a record for me.  It was a simple pattern (simple in the good way) and not that big (perfect for reading on the couch), but DUDE: I got it done!

I used the Wonky Simple Math instructions provided by Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson. She writes very clear instructions and also  often has cat helpers in her pictures. I feel a certain kitty sympatico.

king of the quilt project
For example? Here Busby waiting for me to move so he could help in the crucial quilt sandwich stage.

the front
Of course once it was done, I noticed squares that I would move, but that would have happened no matter how long I'd taken to do it. I'm so pleased I got it done!

the back
I love the backing fabric, which is a little more olive and a little less brown than it looks in this photo. It was on SALE, which made it even cheaper than the solid fabric I'd chosen to begin with.

front, back, binding
Front, back, binding  - I'd never machine quilted something this much before. (I'd only machine quilted one other time!) It was so fun! I'll definitely try it again.

This photo is a little washed out (especially on the bottom), but I wanted to get this up tonight. Because WOO HOOO!

In other news, I've got to get outside more. I had to run to the grocery store this afternoon and the sun was low and bouncing off the dark clouds onto the fir trees and it was AMAZING. They looked like they were lit from within. Then I was sitting in the parking lot (not scenic at all) looking over the gas station, and a flock of gulls flew through that same light and it just made me so glad to see. It enlarged my tiny little winter heart. I don't know what it was, but I felt lucky to witness it.
3 comments on "it surprised me too"
  1. Wonderful! Love it. It is just great. I want to use all the superlatives in my arsenal of cheers!
    Love that backing fabric. I can see someone thinking, well I might just look at this side tonight...

  2. Pretty! Someday I will make a quilt. Someday...Busby is so cute!

  3. Thanks you guys! I'm pretty chuffed about it.

    Martina - I have no doubt you will, and it will be awesome! (also, Busby agrees with your assessment of his charms.)


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