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Tuesday, November 22, 2011
mr. dash
The wind is whipping and the rain is dumping down which is gross and terrible, but it suits my mood today which is gross and terrible. Our sweet orange boy Dash was hit by a car late Sunday/early Monday. Such a good cat! He was sweet and feisty, funny and weird, but most of all a beloved part of the family. He and Busby (other cat) got along so well - Busby's already figured out something is wrong and it breaks my heart to see him looking all over the house for Dash - it's exactly what I did before I went looking around the neighborhood and found him the way nobody wants to find a lost pet. He had a good life, but it wasn't long enough. He loved to sleep in the sun in the middle of the garden, he loved climbing trees and catching bugs, he loved sleeping on his back in front of the fireplace, he loved hanging out with Busby, he loved making biscuits and napping in cupboards.

He was also a cat of many names - here are the ones I can think of:

itty bits
hobo joe
egyptian red
orange busby
orange cooney
dr. lady baby
the neck nurse
ned nickerson
foxy bananas
poncho maccardle
nuu-nuu (but only in the summer when he'd shed his coat)
chester cheeto
sunbeam pete (any cat chasing the sun to nap in gets called this)

He was the most CAT cat I've ever lived with- full of adventure and affection and a particular cat-like joie de vivre. (I'm not saying I loved it when he brought bird after bird into the house, but he did it with such pride and enthusiasm.) I will miss his oven-like warmth, his sweet face, his insistent meow, his soft thick fur, the clatter of his kibble on the plastic tray underneath his bowl (he was a messy eater), but most of all the simple pleasure of his company. I miss him so much and wish that he was spending this wretched day stretched out in front of the fire or curled up in his favorite cardboard box.

trouble brothers
8 comments on "being sad"
  1. I'm so sorry. That's horrible. He sounds wonderful. I really feel for you. I have two cats as well, and the idea of losing one and then seeing the other upset over it, it's heartbreaking. I love that picture of the two of them.

    I wish there was something I could say. But all I have is this: It sounds like you both lucky to have had each other for the time that you did.

  2. There is a big hole in the heart of the Winn household but luckily love eventually expands to fill all available space.

    I've got an empty space of my own over here. I am really going to miss that little guy and his fuzzy orange elevator butt!

    I imagine he's snuggled up with Wicket right about now.

  3. Oh Jen, I'm so sorry. Sweet boy gone too soon.

  4. Thank you, adam. He was like winning the cat lottery in terms of general amiability and that he and Busby got along so well. When Dash came along, Busby was a couple years older and recovering from his #1 Cat Idol dying of old age - but Dash won him over with a brute force charm offensive.

    Now that the initial shock has worn off, the hardest part is watching Busby watch the door, waiting for Dash to come home. :(

    Oh, Leslie, thank you - he totally had the cutest fuzzy orange elevator butt!

    Thank you, Heidi. Those five words sum it up so perfectly.

  5. So sorry to hear. :( Sounds like he was an awesome buddy to have.

    My condolences.

  6. I am so sorry for the loss being felt in the Winn household. This Thanksgiving I will be extra nice to the cat that lives with me.
    But one day I have to know how the name dr. lady baby came to be.

  7. So sorry. Many sweet memories...

  8. Thank you so much Big Onion, Suspicious Palate, Patty, and everyone - your kindness means a lot to me.

    (Daniel, I will give you the Dr. LB 411 next time I see you!)


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