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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I love the bark on this tree - it looked especially pretty tonight as the sun was going down and the sky was turning purple.

Purple sky. 

And now, some random television! 

Did anyone watch Ringer tonight? This show is B A N A N A S. When you begin with an evil twin/ swapped life/ faked death premise, it's not going to start making sense any time soon. They burn through more plot in one episode than some shows do in a season. Oh, evil Siobhan, what villainy will you commit next? Bonus: Amber Benson was in this episode - it was like Buffy old home week! 

COMMUNITY: I love it. I was somewhat late to the show - started by watching Modern Warfare (the season 1 paintball episode) after the internet blew up about it. (I urge you to find it - it's a good standalone episode that demonstrates the lengths they're willing to go. It's also hilarious.)  I then caught up one disc at a time via netflix. They're on an unexpected hiatus right now, but I urge you to seek it out if you aren't watching it already -  it might not be your cup of tea (fair enough, I guess) but if it is, you don't want to wait any longer. 

The Sing-Off: This show and So You Think You Can Dance are the only competition style shows I watch. Oh, wait. I watched The Voice last year too, but I really prefer how they do The Sing Off. (Less gimmick, more singing.)  The contestants are all talented and the judges (Shawn Stockman, Sara Bareilles, Ben Folds) generally give considered, constructive criticisms.  The finale was on last night and Pentatonix - one of my favorites - won.  Nerves caused some strained performances in the live finale, but here's a song of theirs from a couple weeks ago that shows some of what they can do. (note: 3 of these kids are only 19! The rest of them aren't much older.) 

Bonus: Ben Folds kept a blog, and this post in particular is very interesting about Reality TV vs. Reality.

4 comments on "purple light and tv"
  1. I gave up on Ringer a few weeks ago~it was giving me a headache. Some of the plot twists weren't twisty, they were more like a thud, but I do plan on watching when the season is done. Hopefully it will all make sense as a unit?

    Community is a hate/love/hate show for me. The second season drove me cray cray, but this season has been funny and less out of control, and so of course now it is on hiatus. Not a hiatus like Prime Suspect is on, which happens to be one of the best shows on TV, network or otherwise.

    After watching Glee for a year I am unable to watch shows where people sing. Maybe not forever, but definitely for a season or two.

  2. Yeah, I can totally see giving up on Ringer and maybe catching it later. It is crazy, and sometimes life is crazy enough and you just want something to make sense! (I'm convinced that they will start resorting to double reverse switched identities and everyone will be possessed or stranded on a magical island inhabited by the greek gods or some other soap opera whackadoodle convention.

    Community - I watched season two all in a row (DVD) and I think it probably helped. I've read other complaints about it and can see what they were talking about, but somehow watching the episodes one after the other smoothed over the rough edges and I really enjoyed it. (note:this does not mean I didn't want various members of the group (pierce!) to be dropped into a volcano as I was watching.)

    I am SO BUMMED about Prime Suspect - it was cut off too soon. I think they were just hitting their stride. BIG HEARTS for Maria Bello - she is amazing in this. I wonder if it would have done better in one of the cable outlets - AMC or FX or one of those guys. They're making some quality shows and giving them time to grow.

    Glee burnout makes total sense. If the auto-tune ringing ever leaves you ears and you're in the market for a singing show again, I humbly recommend the Sing-Off.

  3. Each time I watch an episode of Prime Suspect it is like a little dagger through my heart, knowing that it will end soon and that it is SO SO SO good! I have not one complaint about it, which is pretty cray cray and totally rare. It is just SO SO SO good!

    Ringer. Season 1. ON DVD. That is how I can cope with it!

    I hope they do bring Community back. It has a lot of promise. Even though Pierce and Brita seem pretty pointless.

  4. Prime Suspect IS really good. I have some complaints, but I will keep them to myself since the show is not going on. (they are minor complaints and I think they would have straightened out over time.)

    Pierce is the one on Community that I have a hard time with - I know he's that way in part to be the sort of DARK SIDE of the group, but I mostly want to drop kick him to the moon. Britta doesn't bother me so much. I thought she was pretty funny in the multiple timeline episode with her bad, stoned Roxanne dancing. (and "are those olives in your bathroom?" to which Troy responds "yes - this is a fancy party, Britta!")


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