cinderella pumpkins

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Monday, November 19, 2012
cinderella pumpkins
They're also called French pumpkins - I think the idea is that these are the kind of pumpkins you want to have on hand if your fairy godmother happens by and you are in need of wheels.

In news unrelated to travel by pumpkin: it is raining so hard right now! Like, so hard that if you had a convertible Cinderella Pumpkin, you'd get wet even if you had everything snapped, zipped, and fastened closed. These pumpkin coaches ride pretty close to the ground and frankly are not that practical - you may think it a little conservative, but perhaps a Butternut squash would be a better all-weather choice.
2 comments on "cinderella pumpkins"
  1. These Cinderella Pumpkin's are great and they really look fresh with their colors. I wonder how big it is.

    1. Thanks! they were small- medium sized in this bin (say 7lbs - 25 lbs), but they did have some big ones in another area. (not big enough to hollow out and ride in, but big nevertheless!)


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