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Thursday, November 08, 2012
pink flowers
hello, blog.

I put my timer on and I'm making myself write this post while my ipod updates its software.


Weather: NY/NJ/PA and all others who were hit by Sandy and now have SNOW - my heart goes out. It's so unfair. I hope services are restored soon.  RED CROSS

Election: whew, although I wasn't really worried since I had been taking multiple doses of "xanax for democrats" aka: Nate Silver's blog. He wasn't worried, so I wasn't worried. ALTHOUGH, like the good worrier I am I held some back in reserve and just about gnawed my arm off thinking about a potential President Ryan. But now I can spend that saved worry on...

Infection: what the ever loving what is going on here, self? Now my eye has a small case of the stuff again, not to mention my dizzy ear and ARGH. I need to stop sugar entirely and drink a lot of water and get a lot of sleep. This is all so annoying I might actually do it. (I know a speedier response would be to go to the doctor and let it be doctored, but I don't have insurance and I think Zoomcare actually made it worse. SO. I am monitoring things and if it keeps on hanging or gets any worse on I will go because I don't want to be that statistic, but STILL. What the hell, body?)

ooh! timer went off. Next time QUILTS and WRITING PROJECTS. Woo!
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