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Thursday, October 17, 2013

trees are turning! These trees are the prettiest part of an ugly strip mall situation way out on Halsey. Does anyone know what kind of tree the red one is? They give a really nice dappled shade in the summer.


Dahlias are almost gone by - this plant was a really bright hot pink/orange in the summer. The cooler temperatures and other end of season realities have faded new blooms to this pinky/yellow. I still think it's beautiful. (note to self: more dahlias next year.)


Green man! There are a bunch of heavy (so heavy!) plants that spend the summer outdoors but have to come inside for winter. One in particular (epiphyllum) has unruly leaves/fronds/tentacles like a giant octopus, so in the fall I put it on top of a tall room divider/bookcase that's got a lot of air space. (I'm not sure what this plant's leaf-span is, but it would be measured in feet.) Anyway - I have to lift it way up and it is HE-AVY, not least because it's in a giant ceramic pot. This year, I repotted it into a nice looking featherweight pot. (un-heavy planter technology has come a long way.)  Long story still pretty long, this green man guy has been living in the giant ceramic pot with the epiphyllum for years. As I was repotting it* I noticed a nail in the siding above the table, so he's going to hang out there for a while. The green man can keep an eye on the waning tomatoes and the giant spiders who live among them.

*on the new potting table which I built with my own two hands**. It's wobbly, but sufficiently sturdy for repotting which is all I ask.

**My sister Bec and I reverse engineered it from the old potting table which had rotted into a pile of boards that were hanging together in a vague table shape out of habit.
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