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Monday, February 17, 2014
Hitch yr pony

I think the Portland pony/horse project motivation can best be explained as "WHY NOT?  there's a horse ring right there and I have this plastic horse in my bag!"  All I know is I've been unreasonably charmed every time I've come across one. This fine fellow is right by where I park my car when I go to work - I'm glad there's plenty of grassland for him to graze upon.

How are things ? Things are good here, except I have fallen out of almost all outward communication  apart from ACTUALLY SPEAKING to people in person. It's weird and it feels like a loss because there are things that don't really fit in to conversation or that nobody wants to talk about or are just my fleeting interests or whatever and instead of expressing them in a blog post or email or (terrible) drawing or photograph I just breathe them in and there they stay. In some ways unsatisfying, but in other ways very nice.  Looking for a balance is what I'm doing right now.

(actually doing right now: sitting at my desk, which is covered with etsy domino debris listening to the wind howl out the window (we are having a wind storm!) thinking about how nice it is to make a blog post here about essentially nothing, but also thinking how nice it was when I went to bed before midnight last night and basically having a Ralph Wiggum moment. Goodnight!

2 comments on "curbside pony "
  1. That is the best looking curbside horse I have seen in this city! How lucky that this is the one you get to see!

  2. I am happy to report that as of a couple of days ago, it was still there. A minor miracle!


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