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Wednesday, May 07, 2014
despite having a million things I want to read someday checked out from the library, I couldn't settle on anything. I'd read a few pages and put it down because nothing was quite right. (apart from the serial novel I'm reading, but I can only read that as it's being released - more on that next time.)

ANYWAY.  There's a new Richard Jury (detective) novel coming out in June by Martha Grimes (author) and I thought I'd go back to the beginning and read the first one. I haven't read it in YEARS so it's kind of fun to meet everyone for the first time again. When I read it last I'm sure I had no idea I'd be anxiously awaiting book number 23 in the series.  This is a super grubby paperback that I bought from the library's bookstore (where they sell discarded library materials), probably some time in the very early 90s.  I think I managed to make a complete set, which is good since some of them are now out of print! Although I think they're slowly coming out as ebooks, which is good.

This book is set near Christmas, but it still feels like the perfect thing to read sitting under a tree in the springtime. (creatures spotted while sitting under the tree: finch, crow, squirrel, honey bee, bumblebee, mason bee, spider, mystery bug, cat.)

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