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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Before I get to anything else, I'm obliged to post this video because I LOVE IT.
I saw this on SNL back in November or whenever it was on, and it made me sit up and make a happy muppet face at the TV. It reminds me (and a lot of people) of Morris Day and the Time, but that only enhances my enjoyment!  It's so good and they're obviously having a good time being excellent at their jobs - something we can all aspire to in our way, even if we don't have a horn section.


WORK:  I love it. Things get weird (mostly in my head) but then they level out. I’m trying some new things and so far I haven’t DIED FROM SHAME or whatever I was afraid of. I love working in the library. My coworkers are great PLUS I am literally in a building full of books every day that I work which is an optimal environment for me. Do I want to punch people in the throat occasionally? Of course! I’m only human. But I laugh or am excited by ideas more often than I want to punch anything, so thumbs up to that.

AT HOME: Busby the cat has diabetes! But he’s responding well to treatment so far which helps mitigate how wretched I felt for not noticing how wretched he was feeling. :( He's only been on insulin for a couple of days and had his first blood check at the vet this afternoon. The vet is pleased and the tech said "he is such a good guy" so obviously these people know what they're talking about.  More on this at a later date, I'm sure.

At the GYM: ha ha ha! Yeah, no. But I should get my sneakers on and go for more walks. I ate a lot of cookies over November/December as I am reminded every time I try to wear clothes that are not pajama pants. (Which is every day!)

WRITING: Oh, man. I haven’t been neglecting my blog because I’ve been so busy writing elsewhere - I’ve been largely on vacation from all of it. BUT...

READING: has been going great! We live in a golden age for reading and no one can convince me otherwise.

Here's the official video for Uptown Funk - I include it here because I can never listen to the song just once, even though it's showing up in every movie trailer on TV.

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