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Friday, December 03, 2004
So, apropos of nothing much at all, Gilmore Girls is taking a kind of fascinating turn this season. I think they are dealing with some interesting class issues. None of this is new - I'm sure it's all been said better elsewhere. Yet I'm going to have a stab at it anyway. The whole basic concept is that Lorelei broke with her oppressive rich family when she got pregnant at 16. She ran off and raised her daughter Rory in this crazy, off-beat, bohemian, character-actor paradise at first on maid's wages, then working her way up to manager of the Inn. This season they are turning that all on it's head by having Rory return, as it were, to her birthright - the fancy college, the coming out party, the European tour. All the things that her mother chose to leave behind when she left her family to do things her own way.

When they first introduced Logan, I thought 'oh, look, it's Tristan again except he's not Chad Michael Murray' I mean, come on! He even had the messy blond hair and the smartass rich badboy demeanor. Marty was clearly meant to map as the Dean character (except Dean was still around, more on Dean later) - the scholarship student who came from a working class background who wins the princess (Rory is such the Disney Princess - they even bring it up from time to time) over the obvious charms of his rich rival. Except... it's not working out that way. Rory seems to have chemistry and an affinity with Logan, who, despite being rich and knowing her snooty grandparents, is not a complete ass. And Marty - I have to admit I really like Marty and am rooting for him, but he is letting himself be pigeon-holed as the 'friend'. And pouting about it. And he is pretty sensitive about money - I noticed this last week when Rory said 'let's take a cab - it's on me' and he decided to walk. I like him WAAAYY more than Dean, that is for sure.

Didn't Dean used to be smart? Or at least interested in what Rory was studying or reading? Well, I can't really say that that would make a difference for me this season, since he is cheating on his wife. Besides being an adulterer, he seems actively incurious about anything except the inside of Rory's pants. I have to admit I did feel a little bad for him a couple of weeks ago when Princess Rory poured herself out of the limo, followed by 6 rich boys. But not too bad since he has been cheating on his wife!

Anyway, I know this is all incoherent, but maybe if I see it down in writing I can make sense of it down the line a bit. I also think it is interesting how they are juxtaposing Rory and her ascent into society with Lorelei and her happy relationship with Luke (LOVE LUKE), who is just a regular guy. Richard and Emily Gilmore continue to be very interestng characters as well.

I am running out of steam on this - more later. It may even be more coherent.
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