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Sunday, December 12, 2004
So... I am almost finished with my Christmas cards! Huzzah! I am not crazy about them, but they are almost done, so I am trying to let go and move on. I still have much shopping/making stuff to do. It is rough this year because I am really broke, but I am confident I will think of something. I think I've been softening the blow to potential gift-receivers with loud proclamations of my brokeness. That's the thing, though - I hate how I let myself get caught up into $$$ worth of gifts. I like giving gifts, and I won't lie - I like getting them too, although it isn't as crucial as it was when I was a kid. I just wish I could stay centered on the joy of getting the right gift for the right person instead of obsessing if I spent x$ on a, then I have to spend x$ on b. etc.

In other news, I have most recently read Alias by BMB, and the latest Fables. I plan on writing a little something up on them soon - maybe later tonight. I have to get them both in front of me again. I have decided that I also need to self-correct on some classic stuff. Alice In Wonderland is the book I chose to start with. I can't remember if I read it as a child, or only ever read bits and pieces of it collected in other books. It is so twisty and imaginative that I want to look at it with my adult eyes now, anyway. More later.
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