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Wednesday, December 06, 2006
the joy machine

This is the week on the internet when people post about what a bummer the holidays are, right? I don't want to miss out!! I am not feeling particularly joyous, but I figure I will reach some sort of peace with the season sooner or later. Television commercials make it difficult, but I suppose I could solve this by watching less tv. This joy machine picture DOES make me smile, so that's a start. In better news, the design for my christmas cards is finally coming together. Hooray!! Of course it was a rocky start...

I was working on cards Sunday with Leslie and Bec, and I began having Major Creative Issues. Usually, I work out what I want to do pretty quickly. I start with a simple idea, and then find ways to needlessly complicate* before I settle back down to something workable. This time, it was All Complications, All the Time. Actually, it wasn't complications, I just wasn't happy with anything, even if it was exactly what I had in mind. No matter what I did, it Was Not Right.

My sister started chanting (in her best Goldmember voice) that "there is just no pleasing you." which made me laugh in that "ha ha ha, oh god, what if she's right? What if I am never satisfied? Is this what it sounds like when doves cry?" way. (I should mention that we were listening to Prince, since it was too soon for christmas music.) Fortunately, Leslie stepped in with a color suggestion that turned everything around and I could abandon the rapidly growing fantasty of me living the rest of my life in a state of perpetual dissatisfaction. Phew!

In other news, I have moved some things around on the sidebar and added some new and excellent links. Martina tipped me off to, which I think will be a very handy way for me to keep track of when I finish reading things since it often takes me months to get them written up.

*(in fact my sister coined a new term for this state: to jennify. Which means "to complicate needlessly." example: "I have totally jennified this process by adding 15 unnecessarily tedious and/or difficult steps.")
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