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Friday, December 08, 2006
still mean it
(television aside: Am I crazy, or was The O.C. actually funny last night? I have hopes for it in a way I haven't for about a season and a half! Although the Very Special Dickens O.C. next week looks like it could be painful... What if Ryan never came to Newport?)

I go walking just about every day in the park near my house. One of the side effects is that I see a lot of the same people daily. There are two Very Odd men who are there most days -- one of them I like and say good morning to, and one of them gives me the creepy wiggins at 100 yards. Likable Weirdo is probably in his 60's, with a style I would best describe as "bedroom floor." His hair is mostly white and mostly standing on end except for where it's flat in the back. He walks three little teacup dogs on long, long expandable leashes and they are always twined around his legs or blocking the path. He often has 12oz cans of soda stuffed in the pockets of his sweatpants. I suspect he sleeps in a recliner with the television on.

The other guy, Creepy Weirdo, is always pressed and polished with creased trousers, a hat, and in this weather a trench coat. He wears overlarge glasses and has a Groucho mustache. It looks like he's wearing a disguise. For all I know he's the expatriate Swiss chief of a brain trust, but he gives me the heebie jeebies. He never speaks to me (hallelujah!) and will often cut across in a weird jagged pattern if anyone is walking toward him. Today, though he was walking in the same direction as me (usually he's going the opposite way) and just stopped in his tracks and let me walk past. So creepy! Not that people can't walk whatever way they want to, but... it was just weird. I know that he probably has some sort of social anxiety or something, but he just radiates off-ness to me. I'm sure he's perfectly fine, and mr. soda in his pockets probably has a shower curtain made from the pinkie fingers of his victims, but still...

and now, here are some songs from my ipod today:

Friday I'm in Love -- The Cure: some days I skip this when it comes up because I love the song and don't want to overplay, but I figure if you get a day of the week song on the right day of the week, you should listen.

Do You Want To -- Franz Ferdinand: I discovered this past week that I have an actual physical reaction to certain of franz ferdinand's songs. I stand up straigher, walk faster (if I am indeed walking), and narrow my eyes, but not in a mean way. There's something about it that makes me feel more confident and a little more aggressive. It's weird, but I'm sure explained by some science of sound. (I also realized that I look at my hands when I'm embarrassed or remember something that embarrasses me. I could understand it if I were trying to break eye contact, but why do I do it when I'm alone??)

Take Off Your Clothes -- Morningwood: okay, this song is RIDICULOUSLY raunchy and completely infectious. (but not in ways that require ointment or medication of any kind.) I think it's the handclaps that do me in.

Spring Released -- Grant Lee Philips: I have been skipping this song lately. I put it on so many mix cds a few years ago I think I got burned out on it. But today (because I was wearing gloves and it is a pain in the ass to take off my glove to skip a song -- my ipod rejects gloved commands!), I listened to it. I still like it very much, but think I may have to take it off this playlist for a while so when I do hear it again I am 100% hooray about it. Actually, I should probably take about 40 songs off of this playlist and freshen it up.

Sinking Game -- Marit Larsen: I'm still liking this song! Spoons and singing saw and banjo and all.
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  1. If you like singing saw music, check out

  2. Yeah, I actually really loved this week's OC too. The last couple episodes were fun as well -- it's like they all decided to go back to being fun and light-hearted after the previous godawful season of crappy soap opera seriousness. Getting rid of Marisa was the best thing that could've happened to the show, though I guess no one's really watching it anymore because it's on at the same time as Grey's Anatomy.

  3. Anonymous, I generally prefer the saw as an accent, but thank you for the link!

    Matthew, I think they're poised for season one level cheesy greatness if they let themselves follow through: Ryan and Taylor (I never thought Ryan would be comic relief, but his Whitesnake Taylor fantasy was pretty funny); Summer, Taylor, Caitlin and Julie all living in the same house; Che turning out to be rebel-hippie moneybags; the return of the evil water-polo team; and best of all.. Julie with the her dating service turned escort service! Grey's Anatomy seems to be making the same mistakes that The O.C. made last season (namely taking itself way too seriously) so maybe viewers will migrate back to Newport.

  4. The OC was so much fun! Good riddance to Marissa. She was such a downer. I always thought she was best when she was dead drunk, but now, well, I guess I don't need to finish that thought. I think that next weeks episode could be entertaining. I like Taylor a lot. I like her how I once liked Summer.

  5. BBD -- I'm liking Taylor a lot too, which surprises me. I don't even mind Caitlin as much as I thought I would. I was certain they were going to make her Marissa Mark 2, which they sort of have, but she's a lot more canny (like Julie) than Marissa ever was. she also seems less of a disaster magnet, although I suppose that could change at any moment.

  6. She, Caitlin, is waaaay more Julie than Marissa ever was and that is a good thing. Julie, as you know, I love. We both hail from Riverside! It is sad, I guess, that Rachel and Adam broke up and all, but I think Summer and Pancake make a better couple...

  7. Yeah, these silly post-modern soaps need to stay focused on being goofy and fun and meta, they completely blow when they go for "serious" "drama." My favorite OC stuff is the chunk of season 2 that is just super meta and hilarious and Seth/Summer-centric, and Ryan was indeed used as a comedic straight man half the time.

    And OMG I love Taylor! But I love Paris from Gilmore Girls too, and that's the obvious template for this character. If I ever actually meet a girl like either I'll be totally helpless.

  8. Summer and Pancake 4EVAH!

    I think season one is still my favorite. So much happened! Oliver, Marissa in TJ, Anna, Seth/Summer, Julie hooking up with Luke, "welcome to the OC, bitch," fist fights, debutante balls, etc. And for all the soapy elements, they would give them a quarter or half twist so they felt fresh(ish). I can't even bear to think about last season with Kirsten in Rehab, Sandy in private practice, and Seth as the world's least convincing pothead.

    I hadn't thought of the Paris/Taylor thing, but it is totally true! They even go through the same enemy to ally/ super bitch to quirky girl evolution. (actually, now that I think of it I'm sort of getting a Cordelia/Anya from Buffy vibe from them too -- but Paris and Taylor are clearly the next generation.)


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