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Monday, December 18, 2006
jolly mosaic

This weekend I found myself in yet another crappy mood. Friday I was feelin' fine, but saturday morning rolled around and I was just itchy and agitated for no good reason. None of my circumstances had changed, but I was pissy and irritable nonetheless. A disturbance in the force? Maybe. Bored? As much as I HATE to admit it (because I think there are very few good reasons for being bored) this was probably closer to the truth.

I decided to take matters in hand and find a way to jolly myself out of it. It had to be some new way, because the old ways just weren't cutting it! I started by wearing a sweater that makes me laugh. Then I decided that I would take pictures of things I found particularly cheering. This worked out pretty well: 1) paying attention to things that please me rather than those that do not is surprisingly satisfying. 2) I felt like I'd kind of hit the wall with picture taking --the fun was gone! But with this project I gave myself permission to do whatever, and the fun returned.

row 1, in which I dress for cheer and errands l-r: 1)jaunty crazy sweater 2) red (but sheer) lip stuff 3) had to take this back to the library, which was sad, but lego white stripes, so hooray! 4) these gloves are a little dr. seuss, but they make me happy 5) library 6) Death in Kashmir! I have several of the M.M. Kaye mysteries, but with the old 70's covers

row 2, around town l-r: 1) more library 2) cheerful red mini cooper with CD Baby vanity plates 3) if the packet of hot sauce says I'll be happy, who am I to argue? 4) what the neon commands, we must do. 5) Powell's (11th Couch street entrance) through the dirty windshield 6) my red sneakers

row 3, at home post-errands l-r:1) 8-ball queries must be carefully posed in order to get the response you desire. 2) excedrin and sudafed 3) that raccoon that broke in and climbed the stairs to my bedroom to rifle through my bookcases last spring has written a tell-all book based on his life of crime. 4) dial "M" for something 5-6) christmas lights

row 4, miscellany rules! l-r: 1. low light blurry 2. epiphyllum bloom from a cutting 3) collage I made a month ago and hated, but now I like it. 4) detail from same 5-6) blotter on my desk (upside down)

row 5, l-r: 1) same question asking rules apply to online 8-balls 2) in honor of one of my favorite cheerfully sleazy christmas songs, "Santa Claus is Back In Town." 3 -4) card supplies 5) just as the sun was rising Sunday morning and the crescent moon was still visible. 6) there was supposed to be a squirrel in this picture, but it chose not to be photographed.

row 6, in pursuit of hipster crafts l-r: went to the doug fir lounge for the monthly Crafty Wonderland event. I didn't find anything to buy (hipster crafts = very crowded, lots of wallets for sale), but I did see 1) this amazing Galaxie 500 in beautiful turquoise 2) wheel detail from same 3) chalkboard doors at the jupiter hotel 4) blue door 5) my black manicure (so impractical since I use my hands so much, but I can't keep away from it) 6) This poem print out is from home. I find it very cheering. yes, yes, yes.
2 comments on "d.i.y. jolly"
  1. totally cheery is as cheery does.

  2. Maybe it was precognitive crapitude! I can't believe you got so sick! I hope that you at least scored a hot male nurse to soothe your troubled brow and that you feel better very, very soon!!!


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