I can change bandages faster than you

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Injury update: So, the swelling has gone down significantly. Now the first thing you notice is the bandage instead of my mutant lumpy jaw. This is good! the nurse at the wound clinic told me that everything was healing really well. I thought this meant I was almost done having to go down there, and she said "oh, no. you'll still have to come down for at least another week to ten days. it's really deep." And since the swelling's gone down, I can tell just how deep it is because I can feel the stuff they pack in there from the outside. The hole in my face (I believe that is the correct medical term) is right above my jaw line-- there is packing material right up to the corner of my mouth (!!!).
I was hoping when that the swelling subsided that The Hole would be right below my jaw, but it seems unlikely. But who knows? It's still somewhat swollen, so there's hope. Or even better, it'll be a cool-shaped scar -- then I can come up with some good scar stories that involve maybe... parachuting, fencing, cat burglary, time travel, piracy, cat fight, bar fight, or the time I was touring the chocolate factory and slipped on some fudge and fell backwards into a table and whew what a relief it was that nothing else happened and just then a giant knife (that I had sent into the air, unawares, when I knocked the cutting board with my elbow) fell from the sky and jabbed me in the face, or something...

In other news, lest this become all about The Hole in my face, all the time, I watched Annie Get Your Gun again Christmas night. Betty Hutton! Howard Keel! (I think Hugh Jackman would be great in the Frank Butler role, but I can't think of an actress today that could be Annie... I'm probably not thinking hard enough because my brain stops at Hugh Jackman.) There are things I love about this movie (more on that in a minute) and things I do not love at all, even one little bit, even if I listen to the insidious voice that says "hey jen, it was 1950 for god's sake! you can't hold them to the politically correct standards of today." To expect any kind of non-cartoon like treatment of indians in this movie is a futile pursuit, but because I like so many other things about it, that this thing is wrong pains me more. True, Chief Sitting Bull is the only character who is consistently not an idiot, but that distinction rides pretty close to the Magical Negro/ Noble Savage trope. ANYWAY, if you are in search of a sensitive/sensible portrayal of indians in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, this is not the movie for you! If you want to see every indian cliche in dazzling MGM color... you are in luck! Fortunately in the age of DVD you can easily skip around. Which I would recommend, so you don't miss...

My favorite scene in the whole movie is the Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better number. Why? Because, that's why! Seriously, though, I like it because it's the closest this movie gets to the kind of screwball antagonism that cheers me so. It's completely irrational and lovely. When it was just Annie mooning around after Frank it was cute for a while and then it was sad. And Frank -- who knows what he's thinking, other than feeling a little professional competition and having his (already giant) ego inflated because she's mooning around after him? But in this scene they have reached the stage of Mutual Irritation and the gloves come off. When you are arguing about who can sing softer, talk faster, buy cheaper, or knit sweaters, reason has left the building! It was here that I knew Frank cared about her since he was Just As Irritated as she was. (lesson: the people you love WILL drive you crazy, either occasionally or often; to pretend otherwise is to stick your head in the sand.)

(I couldn't find the picture I wanted on the internet, so I had to take a screen capture myself. This program makes it so easy! it's cross platform and FREE!)
6 comments on "I can change bandages faster than you"
  1. Do you know I have never seen "Annie Get Your Gone"? Never! I'm not sure how I missed doing so, but it is soon to be remedied. I love that you watched it Christmas night, because that means you watched it after "Rocky Horror", and I can see where it would be a natural companion piece.

    P.s. I'm glad your lumpjaw is getting better!

  2. It IS a natural companion!! they are both musicals, after all. hee hee. I also watched The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (starring Betty Hutton) the night before, so it is all part of a perfectly cromulent coherent movie-plan. Anyway, you can borrow my DVD if you want.

    My lumpy jaw is so much better-- the nurse today was very surprised at how fast it is healing. Hooray! Now if I could magically heal the hospital bill....

  3. Thanks, man! I actually have it on hold at the library. Sadly, I was just there this afternoon. When I got home, they called to let me know it was there. I'm just waiting for "Arsenic & Old Lace" and season 1 of "Angel" to stop being in transit and start being on the hold shelf, so I can go pick them all up at once. I'm so excited!

  4. Woo! That sounds like some good viewing. I hope they all get there tomorrow so you can enjoy them over the holiday! I haven't seen Arsenic & Old Lace in 1000 years, but as I recall it was very ridiculously funny.

  5. "Aresenic & Old Lace" is one of my favorite older movies. I haven't seen it in ages either, so I'm looking forward to it.

    As for "Annie..." I totally get your "did not love at all" things. I'd never seen the movie before, so I sat through the whole thing, but will definitely skip around. Parts are painful (especially that whole "Am I an Indian now?" scene and the whole "no man will love you if you're too smart/good/fill in the blank, so tone it down because their tiny egos can't handle being 2nd" vibe). Still, it also had some really charming parts and I did very much like your favorite scene and think that Betty Hutton made an adorable hillbilly. (You've met my dad's side of the family, so you know that I know whereof I speak. Tee hee.)

  6. Yeah, the whole Submit to the Male Ego thing was hard to take, but for me it was mitigated by my favorite scene. During that (hilarious!) song they were both saying exactly what was on their mind, which showed me that they could communicate as equals. (childish ego-monster equals, but equals nonetheless.) I know that Annie then goes on to throw the shooting contest, but that bothered me less since she did it in pursuit of something she wanted (a relationship with frank), rather than just out of deference to His Ego. Whether or not she SHOULD have wanted it felt like something outside of my jurisdiction.

    I'm glad you liked the good parts, though!


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