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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Yesterday I had one of those bad days that appears unwelcome and unbidden, smothering what had been to that point a perfectly lovely day. La la la things are fine, things are great, life is a glorious cycle of song, etc... and then out of nowhere came the arrival of my personal black cloud and the world turned to shit for no good reason.

I am so lucky to have nice friends! After receiving some lightly hysterical email, Leslie didn't pretend she didn't know me (which would have been reasonable), she called me up and invited me over to watch a movie. We'd been trying to schedule a a viewing for Waiting For Guffman (I'd never seen it) and hadn't been able to work out a time, but lo and behold -- my Day O'Crazy actually provided the perfect opportunity. She fed me pizza, was willing to listen to my woes (although I was so sick of them myself by then I was disinclined to take advantage), and we watched the DVD.

But that's not all! Just like waldorf pizza was dessert to the pepperoni, Leslie had a treat in store. She showed me something which will become one of my top-shelf antidotes to what ails me from this point forward -- the amazing Electric Company sketch with Morgan Freeman as a vampire taking a bubble bath in a casket! (see video above) I've always liked Morgan Freeman -- he has such a nice solid presence, but now I LOVE Morgan Freeman! Kid's shows in the 70's were so trippy... even Sesame Street back in the pre-elmo day was pretty out there. The only show I can think of that comes close for pure unbridled lunacy would be Pee Wee's Playhouse, and that's been off the air for ages now. Is there a kid's show today that would have a naked vampire in a bubble bath casket? I'm thinking... no.

Speaking of the 70's... I came across the picture below, which makes me laugh and laugh as always. That's me in the middle. I look like such a junior delinquent amidst those sweet smiling faces! I was, in fact, a shy nerd who was frequently and roundly mocked for my Trixie Belden addiction. Anyway, hooray for friends, hooray for Morgan Freeman, and hooray for Monday being over!

bad girl gang, florida style
6 comments on "it was the seventies..."
  1. I think Karen sang it best when she sang that, "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down...", or was it bring me down, I am not sure. WFG is a fantastic movie. I laugh each time I watch it. Leslie is the bestest. I am glad that you are feeling better.

  2. That video of Morgan Freeman having a bubble bath in a casket is priceless. Seeing is believing--otherwise I would say No Way!

    So glad Leslie was able to turn your mood. Hate those dark times!

  3. Thanks you guys! It sounds like Monday was just crappy for a lot of people.

    BBG -- WFG is very funny!! I knew it would be, but I think I thought it would be a little meaner..I'm glad it wasn't.

    Patty -- hee hee!! that video is SO GREAT! I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it. three cheers for Leslie!

  4. I had to go watch it again and I do agree that it is probably the antidote to everything unpleasant in the world. The way he physically punctuates "soft and lined with PINK" is my favorite part!!!

    WFG was so awesome too! "Why are you whispering - I'm standing right here!"

    HEE HEE!

    Nice photo too - looks like you were definitely the one in charge. We older siblings have to keep everyone else in line! Jes and Bec, I'm talkin' to YOU!

  5. Glad to hear that all turned out well...if all else had failed you could have tried going home and biting your pillow or playing with some "My Dinner with Andre" action figures - they always cheer me up!

    Is that little person to your left in the photo a pre-QOS?

  6. Leslita -- I forgot about the whispering. so funny!!

    As for the picture.. it just makes me LAUGH. It's true I'm an older sibling (and younger siblings SHOULD do what they're advised by their wiser older sisters) but I wasn't the oldest one in the picture -- merely the tallest and the grumpiest. It cracks me up that the closest I'll ever come to looking like a badass happened when I was 8 years old and wearing pink short-shorts.

    Anonymous Tara -- I really, really want My Dinner With Andre action figures. And yes, that is a young QOS to my left, on the far right of the picture. Don't let the sweet face fool you, she was a criminal mastermind even then.


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