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Friday, February 16, 2007
I love you, too!

I took my camera to the park today in search of vandalism. Yesterday (probably wednesday night) Love Vandals put little stickers on each and every one of the 40+ lampposts at the park that said "I love you!" I didn't notice them at first, but when I did it made my whole day! Perhaps I am too easily charmed. The Love Vandals had even taken the trouble of putting it on two sides of the post if the path forked; so if you were running or walking or riding your bike, it was visible no matter which way you went. (if you noticed it at all, of course.) I was so disappointed today to find that they had been removed. I understood why, but I'd hoped that they would last a little longer.

Due to runners, mud, a not very wide path, etc. I decided to divert a little from my usual route and take some pictures of the crocus that are just starting to bloom. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that the anti-iloveyou crowd missed two lampposts!! I would have never found them if not for my diversion. I got the picture after all, which made my day today! Simple pleasures, I tell you. It was a good lesson for me: Keep eyes open, make alternate plans, be AWAKE. Maybe you find the thing you were looking for, or maybe you find something even better!

and now, some television:
The OC: man, that episode was not good. I know they want to tie everything up all nice and tidy before they go off the air, but I can't stand Frank and everything was just so pat. There were a couple of funny lines, but that was about it.

Lost: Woo! I thought the Desmond episode was v. interesting, although not particularly sensible. I have to admit I'm getting a little bored with Jack and Sawyer and Kate every ding dang time, so this freaky time-trippin' episode was nice. Powell's blog is running a cool feature where Lost references are explained.

Gilmore Girls: This show has been so weird all season! I can't tell what they're heading toward, although they've been foreshadowing the Lorelei/Chris thing since forever. I hope they don't decide they're not coming back at the last minute and waste an hour with a slappy-happy montage-heavy penultimate episode like certain other shows :::coughTheOCcough::. An earthquake in Stars Hollow! The Gazebo is destroyed! Lane gives birth in the diner! Emily Gilmore stops an avalanche with the power of her withering glare! (okay, that last one would be cool..)

Here are some of the iPod on random songs that accompanied me on my Vandals of Love Quest:

Corrina, Corrina -- Bob Dylan: Oh, I love this version! I always have to listen to it when it comes up, even if it's in the middle of crazy other things.

Hello Operator -- The White Stripes: this is the song that has the "my coffin doesn't have a phone" lyric. I always get caught up wondering about these enigmatic Jack White phrases. I had to figure out how to get a working phone in a coffin before I could stop thinking about it. (see, cellular won't work because I'm sure you're not going to get reception under six feet of dirt, no matter what all those serial-killer kidnapping shows want you to think...) I was able to mentally move on only after I imagined a giant telephone pole right next to the headstone. There's a phone on the pole, and a phone in the coffin (although I only got it partway worked out how you could use a handheld phone unless you had an XL coffin... maybe speakerphone is the way to go...) This is how the time passes so quickly when I'm walking! As long as nobody asks me what I'm thinking about, it's fine.

Land of a Million Drums -- Outkast: I confess!! This is from the Scooby Doo soundtrack. I am not ashamed. I like the way Andre 3000 sings "I woulda got away with it, if it wasn't for you meddling kids, oh no"

Crown of Love/ Rebellion (lies) -- Arcade Fire: Between this post at Living the Romantic Comedy, and this post at Fluxblog, I am about coming out of my skin with anticipation for the new Arcade Fire album. Like I've said recently, waiting is itchy! Fortunately, the wait won't be too much longer. In order to help soothe the itch, I've been listening to Funeral. It's been several months since I last heard it, and I am reminded of that Stanley Kubrick via Mark Romanek quote I was so taken with a couple months ago... it is daring and sincere. Actually, turn the dial way up on daring and sincere -- it's fearless, fierce, honest and passionate. These songs are ones I've listened to several times today, and I get that weird tingling sensation almost every time -- you know the one where it's not goosebumps, but you can feel all the nerves in your legs at once, or up and down one side of the body? I used to think I was having a medical emergency, but I've come to realize it's what happens to me when I hear or read or think something that arrests my attention at some sub or super (I like to leave my options open) level of recognition. I'm hopeful that it's just that weird art/biology thing again and not aurally triggered Restless Leg Syndrome or something that will require me to test my new telecoffincommunication system.
4 comments on "my coffin doesn't have a phone"
  1. I just watched last nights OC and although I agree with most of what you said, the previews led me to believe that perhaps would not end up with Riverside lady, and that would make me happy. GG, I did not watch and I haven't watched Lost yet. I have been sucked into American Idol so I think that GG is out this year, but I don't think I am missing all that much. And no matter what Outkast does, I love, but I have not seen the Scooby Doo movie...

  2. I should have included the name Frank when mentioning previews.

  3. I think you'll be able to catch up on GG in repeats (or I will email you the highlights. This week = dog funeral for Michel's dog Chin Chin. it was very moving.)

    Well, I will say that I did find a certain amount of pleasure in the concept of Spooky Island from Scooby Doo, but... yeah, you probably don't NEED to watch it. The song is fun, though.

    I am glad to hear that we may not have to leave Newport with a case of the Franks (which sounds like antibiotics are needed). Maybe he'll sacrifice himself in a volcano. I would enjoy that.

  4. I liked JCN stranded in the ice cream shop singing a Bob Seger song. How Riverside is that? I will miss her...


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