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Friday, February 23, 2007

It was not my intention to post videos all week long, but this Extras clip with Ricky Gervais (love!) and David Bowie (LOVE!!!) is another magic bullet in the cheer-jen-up arsenal. Maybe it will cheer someone else having a week that requires magic bullets. (Thanks to Anonymous T. for pointing it out!) Little Fat Man may be my new favorite song for the month of February, perhaps for ALL TIME. All I know is I have been singing it solidly for two days. little fat man who sold his soul... Anyway, like Morgan Freeman in a casket bubble bath, this will cure what ails you! I am laughing just thinking about it! Lesson: be careful what you wish for. You may not WANT David Bowie's attention, is what I'm sayin'. hee hee hee.

But that's not all... All Songs Considered over at NPR has streaming and downloadable versions of Arcade Fire's live concert from Feb. 17 in New York's Judson Memorial Church. The downloadable version is 71 mb, and I am listening to it RIGHT NOW. (what are the odds that they'll play Little Fat Man? That would be so perfect!) It's not as good as being there would have been, of course, but it's a good way to hear the new material and to get a sense of their live show. (salty! and Rudy Giuliani's ears probably burnt right off his head. heh.) Lesson: Find out if they are coming to Portland, because the sense I am getting is that if they're good like this (and they are), they'd be knee-buckling GREAT if they were actually playing right in front of me.

And yet, there's more! The internet is so generous. Jennifer Crusie has a series of posts called The Twelve Days of Zelda documenting the re-starting of a novel she put aside over a year ago. If you've ever tried to pick up a project that's gone cold... well, this is very illuminating and very inspiring. I always appreciate that she's so up front with the "this is making me crazy!" part of her creative process. Lesson: We're all crazy. Don't even try to deny it, crazycakes.
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