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Monday, May 28, 2007
cryptic message

I found this note on Friday in the parking lot of the Midland branch library. I'd never been to that branch and decided to check it out since I was in the neighborhood. (it was great except for the clerk trash talking my regular branch! [by trash talking I mean making a fairly neutral comment that was technically true, but not particularly effusive with praise so I was immediately and personally offended and ready to enter into a Sharks v. Jets fingersnapping library branch smackdown. I have since overcome this urge.]) ANYWAY -- I got out of my car and looked on the ground (as one does) and there was this note! I couldn't tell if it had been stuck under the wipers of someone's car and abandoned, if it fell out of a book bag, or if it was just some kids goofing around in the library (since this is on the note paper provided inside)... Was it left on purpose, or was it dropped? I'm not sure what it means. Since it doesn't say "The grass is always greener on the other side" like the saying usually goes, I wonder if the mysterious note-writer isn't saying what some of us fear is true: the grass really IS greener over there! Of course there was no map on the back with instructions on where to find "the other side," so I guess it will remain a mystery.

Holiday weekends are weird. Sometimes good, sometimes bad... this one was great fri-sat-sun, but today kind of came unglued. The itch returned. I may have been a little premature with the whole 'brain itch defeated!' victory dance in my last post. I am beginning to think it can never be entirely defeated, just staved off or temporarily soothed. Maybe there could be an infomercial on Living With Brain Itch, with some sort of numbered solution available in kit form.

Speaking of itching, my scar itches. Most of the time I don't even know it's there since the swelling is almost entirely gone, but every now and then I can FEEL IT from the inside which is just weird! I'm not used to being aware of my face in this way. I know it's just tissue repairing itself or some other miracle of biology, but I can't help but wonder when it gets itchy if it means my own personal Voldemort is near, or maybe the itchy scar means travel? a visit from a stranger? finding money? good luck? bad luck? It's hard to keep this stuff straight.

In news unrelated to choreographed library smackdowns, found notes OR itchy scars (but related to messages on pavement)... check out what happened near my local park this weekend:

beautiful intersection

They (the neighborhood association? I'm unclear who, exactly, is responsible) painted a lovely blue bullseye with goldfish in the middle of the intersection!

blue swirls in the intersection

I love the idea, but I'll be curious to see how long the paint lasts with cars driving over it all day.

pavement goldfish

Even if it only lasts a week or a month, I think it is wonderful. It's easy to get caught up in the idea that art is only valuable if it is permanent, has some Higher Purpose, or can be bought and sold... I like the idea of this intersection painting that seemingly has no purpose other than to make people smile or say "what is going on here?!?" or even "are my tax dollars paying for this??" It's fun, and I am of the opinion that more fun is not a bad thing at all.
3 comments on "cryptic parking lot message"
  1. Perhaps we could start a support group around the blues, or as Holly Golightly called them, the "mean reds"? I love the sun but it has not made me feel alive again...and then I dislike the sun because it starts to shine like at 5 AM and that is when I get my best sleep...I know I am being a bit of a wanker complaining about this stuff...I care not! I am a selfish jerk that wants to be happy as much as possible. That would make everyone very happy, methinks.

  2. I'm sorry the sun has yet to work its magic on you. Maybe you need one of those satin sleep masks! (very glamorous -- I'm thinking of getting one for the full moon which shines like a flood light into my bedroom.)

    My current difficulties are less feeling blue and more feeling agitated at all the things I want to/ need to do but can't SEEM to do. Blah.

    I hope you feel less blue/red soon. (I don't think you're a wanker or a selfish jerk, ftr.)

  3. I hope you get your dreams...I so want to be a person in this world. Erich thinks that I am getting close to getting over the hump. I am reading a book called "Dark at the Roots" makes me feel alive


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