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Thursday, May 31, 2007
I am having a messy brain phase. I've been trying to get it together and post something all week but nothing will coalesce, preferring instead to settle into messy stacks that rearrange themselves into even messier stacks when I'm not looking. This condition is unfortunately contagious. Everything within a 50 foot radius of me looks like it just rolled down the side of a mountain.

My Free Will Astrology Horoscope (cancer) advises "not to resent the confusion before you. And don't just mindlessly clean it up as fast as you can, either. Instead, dive into it. Celebrate it. Allow it to change you into a riper, wiser, more beautiful soul." To which I say... ooookay. If you say so, Mr. Horoscope.

Illustrated Mess:

the time to prune is soon

This is in the front yard and I'll admit that high noon and this angle do not really show it off to its best advantage, but DUDE it is MESSY. It smells good, though, so there is that. I will try to get some photos that are more flattering later in the evening (midday sun is not doing favors for anyone/anything and you can't see foxglove or peonies or iris or anything, really...), but this one does illustrate the overgrown out of control mess of it all. At least it's kind of a beautiful mess.

projects in progress

Current projects are, not surprisingly, also messy. I just stood on a chair to take this picture -- these things are pretty much exactly as I left them 2 days ago when I last worked with them. (I am in a dots and loteria phase -- fun but not tidy -- and this isn't even the table with the sewing machine. I'm a multi-table crafting disaster.) However, in the spirit of my horoscope, I'm looking forward to making an even bigger mess tonight when crafty pals come over and we "work on stuff" which usually translates into shuffling things around while drinking/talking/eating. (Which is very fun and I'm so glad we do it once a month!)
2 comments on "messy, messy"
  1. My horoscope, from the willy week, says that I should be the "feisty leader of my tribe"...gosh. That is a tall order.

  2. hee hee. Yeah. I think you've got the feisty down, so now you just have to lay down the law to your tribe. It's so unfair! I want a "you're the boss of them" horoscope, but noooo -- mine have all been "one day, it will get better. Until then keep your head down."