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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I had a whole host of rants ranging from THE SUN (which was very tardy today), to Tucker Carlson (excerpt: The kind of casual hey baby can't you take a joke asshole fratboy white dude misogyny exhibited by his witless repartee infuriates and exhausts me), to the state of the Industrial Craft and Hobby Complex (the only thing they want to be creative about is how to take your money). But these things made me tired and depressed -- not what I'm striving for!

So instead, here's some good stuff: the sun eventually did show up (better late than never), Tucker Carlson was out of eye-sporking range (no jail for me!) AND I made three collages that are different from what I've been doing -- they were such fun to make. Hooray!

And to pretty it up around here, some colorful flower pictures. The top one is a poppy on its way to having no petals, and the bottom one is from the center of an epiphyllum. (which sounds like it should be a Jules Verne novel: Voyage From the Center of the Epiphyllum, in which our intrepid heroes must avoid a giant BEE and the tentacle-like Stamens of Doom.)

5 comments on "flowers not rants"
  1. Gorgeous photos! The sun is scheduled to be in town over the weekend and Tucker is a totally twitty twit.

  2. Woo Hoo to the sun!! I heard it might get into the 90's next week, but I'm not holding my breath.

  3. I like the heat so I am not unhappy and I have needed the sun so much so it is welcome.

  4. I welcome the sun. Whatever. It is swell and my planet...

  5. I am not complaining! I look forward to bare feet and tank tops.

    Yay for Leo!


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