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Sunday, May 06, 2007

This video... it's a counting song with blue spangles and lo-fi Busby Berkeley choreography. It's like they made it for me!! (L O V E !!!)

(This link will take you to the video page on Feist's website which has a smaller but smoother quicktime version.)

delightful: I always enjoy reading Posie Gets Cosy, but I really love how she writes about Portland. Like in this post here.

undelightful: I think I have lost my library card... AGAIN. What's up with that? I have one for 15 years, and now I'm on track to lose one every year? I bet it fell out of my pocket in rodeo jail.
2 comments on "choreographed delight"
  1. Another lost library card? That is so crazy. Can't you just use your ODL when you check out books so they don't think you are some crazy card losing lady person? I have heard people at the library telling the cashier people that they left their cards at home...

  2. I KNOW! the only thing I can think is that since it just sort of sits on top of everything else in my wallet (since I use it SO OFTEN) it fell out somewhere. I've not given up hope entirely. You can check out stuff without it (they just look up your info) but that's kind of a pain in the ass and I should be able to keep track of a piece of plastic!

    Plus what if someone else gets a hold of it and starts checking out Nicholas Sparks novels or something? What will I do then???


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